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Audio Publishing
TawheedNYC is currently working on publishing high quality audio lectures for free or very low cost so that the most people can benefit from them. To submit audio for free distribution, please email us at: info [at] tawheednyc [dot] com. (Please note copyrighted materials will not be accepted.)

To listen to some of our exclusive audio:
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Ramadhaan Booklet Project

In Ramadhaan, TawheedNYC has printed over 6000 copies of Shaykh Salih al Munajjid's book "Seventy Issues Related to Fasting" and has distributed them all over the Tri-State Area, free of charge. To sponsor booklets for next Ramadhaan or other dawah materials, please email us at: info [at] tawheednyc [dot] com.


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